“TAIP” Ltd. specializes in the creation of systems, facilities and radio-electronic equipment in the frequency range from megahertz to tens of gigahertz (including non-standard architecture) for a wide range of functional purposes and various manufacturing options (small-sized portable, mobile, airborne, stationary):

– radio monitoring systems;
– means of communication;
– radio transmitting devices;

– radio receivers;
– Li-pol high capacity batteries;
– antenna systems and mast equipment;

– unmanned aerial vehicles;
– industrial and personal computers;
– Digital signal processing boards.


LLC “TAIP” specializes in software development for various fields of application, taking into account the specifics of the customer

and industrial
of algorithms and
Server systems
for general and
special applications

Among the directions of development a special place is occupied by:

  • Development of algorithms and software for digital demodulation and decoding of signals of communication systems;
  • development of algorithms and subsystems for high-speed information input;
  • development of software for unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • systems for analysis and processing of information transfer protocols in modern systems and communication networks (cellular, satellite, wire);
  • systems for the collection and storage of heterogeneous information using databases of various classes;
  • systems of speech analysis;
  • systems for analytical processing of large volumes of factual information:
  • visualization of interaction and analysis of object relationships based on the processing of factographic information on the interaction of objects;
  • Multivariate analysis of factual information;
  • Structural and temporal analysis of the facts of the interaction of objects on the time axis;
  • extraction of hidden (implicit) knowledge from a large amount of initial information about facts, namely:
  • search for identifiers by behavior pattern;
  • localization of the object and routes of movement of objects in space;
  • localization of a group of subscribers in space.

The existing park of production equipment available in LLC “TAiP” allows to realize the full cycle of creation of radio electronic equipment.